Welcome to tradingDimensions.com web site. TradingDimensions could be your complete and precise source for trading decisions based on the implemented in the software long time experience and science based expertise.


5d System

FiveDimensions expert system is a very complicated advisor working under MetaTrader and implements all the five dimensions described by Bill Williams in his "New Trading Dimensions, How to Profit from Chaos in Stocks, Bonds and Commodities" book including:
Fractal dimension;
AO (Awesome Oscillator) dimension;
AC (Accelerator/Decelerator Oscillator) dimension;
Zone dimension;
Base Line dimension (Alligator teeth - red base line).

FiveDimensions system implements the proved trading experience from the well known trading expert - Bill Williams, on some of the most advanced today trading platform MetaTrader.

If you are fan of the Bill Williams trading methodology and if you are familiar with Elliott wave analysis, FiveDimensions expert system is the right choice for you and will be very helpful in your trading.


8d System

EightDimensions expert system is an advisor for MetaTrader too. System decisions are based on information supplied by AT&CF Indicators. This is quite different from FiveDimensions expert system because it is trading on different principles and because it is more conservative and specialized for day trading in EURUSD. AT&CF Indicators are the dimensions of the system and they are:
FATL - Fast Adaptive Trend Line;
RFTL - Reference Fast Trend Line;
SATL - Slow Adaptive trend line;
RSTL - Reference Slow Trend Line;
FTLM - Fast Trend Line Momentum;
STLM - Slow Trend Line Momentum;
RBCI - Range Bound Channel Index;
PCCI - Perfect Commodity Channel Index;

8d system shows high stability and consistency. High stability of the EightDimensions system allows to apply very aggressive money management method which will give you an exceptional increase of the trading income.


AT&CF Indicators

AT&CF Indicators are eight technical indicators which are based on DSP (Digital Signal Processing) theory and can give you an exact formalized market description without any delay. The indicators are digital filters and can supply you with precise signals for your trading decisions. This precision is unavailable for based on averages indicators (which are always late) and used in classic trading analysis.


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