AT&CF Indicators - fast and best suited for MetaTrader

Short Description of included indicators

AT&CF indicators interpretation

AT&CF Indicators - fast and best suited for MetaTrader

The package contains eight technical indicators which are based on DSP (Digital Signal Theory) and can give you an exact formalized market description without any delay. The indicators are digital filters and can supply you with precise signals for your trading decisions. This precision is unavailable for always late, based on averages indicators, used in classic trading analysis.

AT&CF Indicators were introduced by Vladimir Kravchuk ( with proposed by him Adaptive Trend & Cycles Following Method (AT&CF Method) and were generated using special software supplied by Finware (Russian version of the site is

What is new and different?


The indicators are generated to be as near as possible to the indicators proposed by Vladimir Kravchuk introduced in his papers. That means that the indicators are best suited for the day spectral characteristics of the EURUSD.


The indicators are designed and coded to be speedy and to satisfy all specific requirements for custom indicators of MetaTrader trading platform.


Momentum indicators like FTLM and STLM (equivalents here are _tdFTLM, _tdSTLM) and spectrum summary indicator RBCI (_tdRBCI) are performed in Bill Williams AC and AD style to be easy to recognize extreme points or where the indicator is increasing or where decreasing;

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