Purpose and how the system works?

What is new and different?

System parameters


Purpose of the FiveDimensions Expert System

Main purpose of the system is to be ADVISOR.
Do not expect the FiveDimensions expert system to replace you entirely on the market!

How the system works?

FiveDimensions expert system is excellent trading advisor because it relies on two giants:


Proven trading methodology created by Bill Williams and published in his book: "The New Trading Dimensions, How to Profit from Chaos in Stocks, Bonds and Commodities";


Advanced and reliable trading platform: MetaTrader.

Demonstration of this is the history and the best cases. Examples similar to the shown in this site best cases you can find (and gain from them) every month.

The basic implemented strategy Bill Williams named spider strategy. What that means? The spider is staying in the center of constructed web and waiting while the prey sticks in the web. Then the spider is activated immediately and eats up the prey. After all it goes again to the center of the web and starts waiting the next right moment.

The FiveDimensions expert system works in similar manner. In the flat parts of the prices the system waits with two stop orders in different directions with the prices calculated on the base of the last, up and down fractals. After the prices overcome one of the up or down fractals and in addition the prices are out of the alligator (indicator) jaw, the system activates all the potential it has and uses all the five dimensions (signals) to generate and manage new orders. Using this approach the system never opens the orders that will seems to "feet the alligator".

On the graphics below you can see how the system opens an orders using different signals and how the MetaTrader shows system behavior on the chart.

The system opens and manages the orders only in the price changes dependence, i.e. the system decisions are subordinated only with the new information, proceeding from the market. These decisions are based on comprehensive set of rules implemented in FiveDimensions expert system. All rules are coded with MQLII language and tested in backtest and real mode using very advanced MetaTrader trading platform. The rules are formalization of all experience described by Bill Williams in the "The New Trading Dimensions, How to Profit from Chaos in Stocks, Bonds and Commodities" book.


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