Purpose and how the system works?

What is new and different?

System parameters


What is new and different?

FiveDimensions expert system is a software system that not only implements Bill Williams five trading signals to precisely place orders on the market but in addition manages them completely: modifying, closing, or deleting orders based on comprehensive trading techniques as:

Bill Williams signal (dimension) specific orders management rules described in Bill Williams, New Trading Dimensions book;
Build in money management mechanism. When the market overcomes the first fractal signal, the system uses all five signals (dimensions) to generate new orders, i.e. the longer the trend is - the more orders the system will open. The max number of opened orders is limited (21 by default);
Trailing stop technique, implemented to stop automatically Zone and Base line generated orders;
Fractal trailing stop. Very flexible trailing stop technique based on the far off fractal from the last two in reverse direction. Implemented to stop Fractal, AO and AC generated orders;
Deleting unusable pending orders. The system opens only pending (Buy Stop or Sell Stop) orders. If the market situation moves to the "wrong" direction the system will delete the orders meeting deleting rules. For example all Zone and Base Line pending Buy orders will be deleted if the prices go below the Red Base Line;
Close orders as near as possible at the market waves picks. The system is using very successful set of rules to recognize the peaks of the impulse market waves. That allows to close orders as better as possible and to be more stable on flat market passages;

On the graphics below you can see how the system closes an orders and how can alerts you about waves peaks/bottoms and how the MetaTrader shows that on the chart.

True advising subsystem uses alerts not only for setting up new orders but in addition alerts to modify, delete and close them. Every advice is complemented with explanation on the proposed action.

FiveDimensions expert system could be useful in wide range of trading styles, from using it only as an advising system to completely automatic trading system. Despite of this, MetaTrader platform (under which FiveDimensions expert system works) gives you an opportunity to work simultaneously with the expert system to manage your orders in correspondence to your trading experience and vision. For example if you can recognize the peaks of the prices you could stop part or all open orders to get all profit. The system usually stops the order after enough return of the prices but you know it is good when the prices make small return and then keeps following the main trend. If the price change their direction totally it will bring some loss.


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