Expert System Installation

After you have paid your license you will receive expert system code by email. The code will be compressed by WinZip utility.

Finally you must follow four steps in order to use purchased expert system:


Copy it into an empty directory.


Decompress it (using WinZip).


Install it by copying WinZip file content to Experts directory of installed MetaTrader. The path to copy is something like this:

..\Program Files\MetaTrader\experts

Note: _td indicators you have to copy in ..\Program Files\MetaTrader\experts\indicators\ directory.


Next you need to start your MetaTrader and to see in Expert Advisors list. There you will find purchased expert advisor. Add it to your graphics and start to test or use the system.

1) Keep the version of your MetaTrader as new as possible.
2) If the expert advisor and _tdFATL, _tdRFTL, _tdSATL, _tdRSTL, _tdFTLM, _tdSTLM, _tdRBCI, _tdPCCI indicators do not appearing in the list, compile any expert available in your list and then you will see new one in the Navigator window.

If you need a utility to help you with "zipped" PC files, please visit to download the WinZip utility.


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