Win a 6 month license of a FiveDimensions expert system

We understand that every best and worst case, generated by the FiveDimensions expert advisor is very important to know where the system is strong and where it is not good enough. This is important information for the users of the system and for us - the developers. That is the reason a current nomination to be organized and we kindly invite you to participate.

Send us your best or worst result generated by FiveDimensions expert system and you could win one year license. The comparison criterion is the speed of earning (loosing) money, i.e. the best/worst case will be as many points as possible earned/loosed per shortest time available.

In order to take your result into consideration you have to:


Use 1 lot per order and MaxTrades=21 for backtest or real result on any of the symbols (instruments) available.


All orders and their management have to be generated only by the system in fully automatic mode.


Example have to contain at least 34 bars on any periodicity.


Send us screen shot containing MetaTrader chart showing all orders of your case. It is easy: use File/Save as Picture… MetaTrader menu option and then choose Active Chart (as is).


Send us a table with description of FiveDimensions generated orders of your case. The format of the table has to be similar to the one generated by MetaTrader Account History. Use Account History and then press right mouse button and choose Save as report.

If your result is better than anyone we know before you will be nominated as a winner.

The winner will be selected at the end of every month. The result will be published on the site after the corresponding permission and the prize will be a one year license of the FiveDimensions expert system.


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